Modeling and photo-modeling workshop

We will show to your children that the models on the photos are not real, so no need to succumb to bulimia and anorexia.

1. Children oriented workshops with focus on modeling, photo-modeling and healthy life-style.
2. For children older 6 years.
3. Separate workshops for beginners and advanced.
4. For detailed specification of each workshop please contact us on the following phone number: +420 727 856 838, subsequent meeting will be held in the agency HQ.
5. The workshops will be held in the agency premises in Moravska Ostrava.
6. Each workshop will last at least 4 months - once a week, 2 hours
7. The workshop comprises the following activities e.g.: professional photo session (each participant will receive the photographs on cd), MISS contest with parents / public participation etc.
8. Workshop price is 4500,- CZK
Koreka & Revolution models 2015